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NEW Special Runoff Election in Richland County District 9

on Tuesday, September 22nd! 


Our campaign will focus on: 

Roads & County Projects: 

Our county continues to struggle with issues surrounding our roads and infrastructure. As your county council representative, I will work closely with all entities involved while listening to your concerns and input. This will assuredly help us to refocus, get back on track, and move forward to improve our county's roads.

Small Business Development:

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our community. As a member of Richland County Council, I will fight for small business owners and encourage our local communities to empower and support those businesses that provide the services we need to grow. 

Safety and Community Engagement:

Let's get back to basics! Knowing our neighbors is an old school principle that we must work to pass down to future generations. It helps to keep us safe, informed, and in the know about things that might be out of place in our communities. As a member of Richland County Council, I pledge to re-engage local neighborhoods, community groups, and local government agencies to foster a safe and nurturing environment for the families and businesses that I serve.

Youth Empowerment: 

About 30% of Richland County District 9 are youth. If elected to office, I plan to create more opportunities for young people to get involved and stay connected with their communities. I pledge to work collaboratively with local agencies, faith based groups, and neighborhood organizations that empower young people to make good decisions and stay engaged. 

PO Box 291831

Columbia, SC 29229

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